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AU Helps Keep Students Healthy This Fall

Summer is the perfect season for staying active, but the challenge for many students is maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the school year.  Fortunately Aurora University cares about students’ health.  Here are some tips to get the fall semester started off right.

  • Utilize the Wellness Center.  Located in Room 157 in Jenks Residence Hall, the Wellness center offers health and wellness education and a fitness center complete with treadmills and strength training machines.  According to Mayo Clinic, regular exercise controls weight, combats health conditions, increases energy and improves your mood.  Learn more about the Wellness Center on their AU website www.aurora.edu/student-life/wellness.
  • Choose healthy options at the cafeteria and Spartan Spot.  AU’s dining services offers healthy options from fresh fruits and salads to healthy home-style entrees.  According to the dining services website, www.audining.com, Sodexo uses zero trans-fat oil products in all foodservice operations nationwide. Zero Trans-Fats products include salad dressings, sauces, soups, breads, muffins, cereals, pasta, breaded chicken, eggs, tortillas, oils and a range of other items.  According to WebMD, eating healthy gives you energy and helps reduce stress – something we can all use during the school year.
  • Finally, stay organized and set goals.  AU students balance homework, sports, work and relationships and can find themselves facing burn out before spring semester begins.  Help yourself by making your daily planner your best friend.  Organization and setting goals are crucial to reducing stress.  Whether you prefer an old fashioned, hand – held notebook or your smart phone, the key is to use it often.

AU offers many resources to keep students healthy and stress free at www.audining.com and http://www.aurora.edu/student-life/wellness/wellness-promotion.html#axzz1VI9Yqpal.