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AU Remembers 9/11

Marking 9/11–Jessica Grazulis of Lockport, right, was among more than 100 Aurora University students, employees and friends who lit candles to conclude a 9/11 commemoration at the campus flagpole on Sept. 11. Second from right is Ian Klink, residence hall director. The university’s Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action sponsored the observance with student assistance. (Al Benson photo)


Over 100 students and staff of Aurora University met on the quad Sunday night to pay tribute to 9/11.  Students Qoc’avib Revolorio, Megan Webster and Liz Cambron were among the students that performed songs and poems honoring this nation’s heroes.

University President, Dr. Sherrick, reflected on how the events of 9/11 changed her life and the campus community.  “It makes me really proud to be at Aurora University that you care enough to come out for this event” Sherrick told the students and faculty in attendance.  “For years we thought of ourselves as a fortress, but 9/11 changed that” said Sherrick.

Cambron was in the 5th grade ten years ago.  “I remember just crying with our teacher which is the only time we ever did that.  It was a memorable day” Cambron reflected.

Webster led the candlelit group in “The Star Spangled Banner.”  The tribute ended with an offering of thanks to AU’s campus safety team and a prayer for the nation’s police and fire fighters.

Stephanie Bateman, Senior, was in 7th grade on 9/11.  “I thought the tribute was really nice because we were all affected that day” said Bateman.