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AU Students Join the Community in Worship Event

By Melissa Beneke

One of the churches in attendance, Main Baptist Church – Galena Blvd.

Sunday, Sept. 18, two Aurora University students attended Aurora’s fifth annual “Celebrate Jesus”.  The event took place at 4 p.m. in the Harkness Center across the street from First Presbyterian Church.

The event was meant to take place at McCarty Park in Downtown Aurora.  However, rain and poor weather prevented the crowd from worshipping, praying and uniting together outside.  The weather did not keep the cross ethnic event from coming together.

The event focused around various ethnicities and denominations coming together to worship, pray and unite as the Christian Church. It was translated in English, Spanish and Hmong.

The program included a gospel choir and a Soul Latino Rocking Praise band.  Together, the crowd sang Gospel style and contemporary style in Spanish and English.

The night’s focus was unity.  Local churches in attendance included Main Baptist Church, Centro Cristiano Vida Abundante, First Presbeterian Church, the Warehouse Church and many others.  These churches gathered together to pray on behalf of Aurora.  Their wish was to unite the city.  They prayed for city employees, including Mayor Tom Weisner, the youth and the city as a whole.

The room in the Harkness Center was filled with Christians who, despite doctrinal differences, shared one thing in common: their love of Christ.  Among those in attendance were AU students, Anne Miller and Patricia Liu.

Miller and Liu both attend local churches and were excited to attend the event.  They were encouraged by the worship, prayer and unity among the Christian Church.

“It was awesome!” Miller said when asked how she enjoyed the event. “I really wanted to take more students with me and next year I will.”

Overall, “Celebrate Jesus” was a powerful, spiritual and unifying event.  The Aurora Community, including AU students, came together to “Celebrate Jesus”.