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LASO’s Annual Family Fest Connects Families to the AU Community

By Stacy Galanis


Families and students of AU’s Hispanic-Latino community gathered in the University Banquet Hall Oct. 1 from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. for AU’s Latin American Student Organization’s (LASO) annual family fest.

The guests were treated with dinner and speeches by parents and students. “LASO is one of the most active student groups at Aurora University,” said Tony Kubicek, AU’s Events Technical Manager. “Every year, they do this big dinner and welcome the families of the AU LASO members.”

During the dinner, younger kids were occupied with arts and crafts while the panel members discussed how beneficial earning a college education can be to Latino students.  Freshman, Matt Tapia, the son of LASO’s faculty advisor, Eva Serrano shared his thoughts on the Latino community.  “Even today it’s still not a custom for Latinos to go to college,” Tapia said. “Latinos are still a minority [so it’s] important to let them know that [getting a college education] is an important life experience.”

Claudia Chaidez, LASO’s vice president, agrees and said that the family fest was a night to involve parents in their students’ educational journey.  According to Chaidez, a lot of the kids that attended the event are the first ones in their families to attend college and that family fest was a way to allow them to meet other families and to form a friendship.  “The purpose is to connect families to [the] AU community and let them become apart of [the] AU family,” Chaidez said.

After dinner, the crowd shifted over to Perry Theater where Folklorico Quetzalcoatl  performed. The ballet featured many different dances that originated from all over Mexico. During the performance, many audience members cheered the dancers on and clapped to the beat of the music.

“It’s nice to have an event that students can bring [their] parents [to] and learn about AU and everything we have in common with each other,” family fest attendee and LASO member Yadira Valerio said.