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Interview: Two Wounded Birds

By Nolan Siegler

With the 2010 release of Keep Dreaming Baby, Two Wounded Birds managed to attract a considerable amount of ears to their sound, likely due to their fine emulation of fuzzy surf rock, a hot trend in music at the moment. After playing many shows and a few high-profile festivals, the future looks bright for the Margate based quartet.

A recent chat with front man Johnny Danger revealed his thoughts about why Two Wounded Birds continues to conjure interest and why he feels California inspires him. Danger also discussed future plans for touring and his band’s highly anticipated debut album.

Spartan Chronicle: Two Wounded Birds has become a hot ticket in recent months, with many new supporters taking interest and generating a fair amount of buzz. Why do you think your band has gained so much notoriety?

Johnny Danger: I think it’s because melody is very important to us.  It’s the component of our sound that gets stuck in people’s heads.

Spartan Chronicle: There are definitely elements of surf rock and punk music in your sound. Do you find it a compliment or an insult when people compare you to the likes of The Beach Boys or Link Wray?

JD: I definitely don’t consider it an insult because those artists are very special to me. They created great melodic and vibrant music that has had a big influence upon the whole band. We are also into artists like The Teddy Bears, Johnny Cash and many of the records Phil Spector produced. There’s also a great record by Jody Reynolds called Fire of Love that I’ve recently been listening to; it’s been on repeat all week.

Spartan Chronicle: Why do you think you identify with The Beach Boys and all other the other artists you mentioned?

JD: It’s a certain feeling I get when I hear their songs; it transports me to a world that I don’t live in, which is why I find them fascinating. I find the Beach Boys’ songs to be pure and innocent, which is what I would consider a great quality.

Spartan Chronicle: Have you ever visited California?

JD: I went in April for the first time.

Spartan Chronicle: Did you find it similar to the world you’re transported to when you listen to the artists you mentioned? Did it live up to your expectations?

JD: It was incredible. I had some grand expectations about California, but it was every bit as magical as I wanted it to be. I can’t wait to go back.

Spartan Chronicle: I heard that Brian Wilson is a big supporter of Two Wounded Birds. How does it feel to have one of your heroes support your music?

JD: I actually met Brian a few weeks back. It was such a big deal to me that I can’t really remember anything about it, other than being totally awestruck. It’s kind of weird to meet your personal hero. It was great, but I still can’t process it properly. It’s also great that he and his band like Two Wounded Birds!

Spartan Chronicle: Your band has played a fair amount of festivals in the last few months. Do you prefer playing festivals as opposed to intimate indoor venues? Which is do you think is a more suitable environment for Two Wounded Birds?

JD: I enjoy playing festivals; it provides a nice atmosphere on occasion, but I also enjoy playing indoor venues as well. I think each environment has different qualities that lend themselves to the nature of our band.

Spartan Chronicle: Are you fond of any bands you’ve recently played shows with?

JD: I really like Cults. It was great to play with them. Also, we recently played with Growlers and they put on a great live show as well.

Spartan Chronicle: Do these bands make you feel optimistic about the direction that current music is headed towards? What do you think of the current state of the music industry?

JD: I try not to spend any time worrying about current trends or the state of the music industry; I’m just focusing on making great records.

Spartan Chronicle: You’ve recently been seen performing without your guitar. Is this a permanent change in your live show?

JD: Sometimes it’s just nice to play without it, but it’s definitely not a permanent change. The main bulk of our future performances will have me back on the guitar.

Spartan Chronicle: Any plans to tour the United States?

JD: We would love to! I think we might be able to come over early next year.

Spartan Chronicle: How did your affiliation with Holiday Records come about?

JD: They emailed us and said they were into our music and wanted to put out a digital download of our material. That in turn led to our debut “Keep Dreaming Baby” EP.

Spartan Chronicle: Speaking of debuts, when can we expect your debut album? Have you decided if any of your previous singles will make the cut?

JD: I think it will be out sometime before May of next year. A couple of songs might travel towards the album.