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A Closer Look at AU’s October Visit Day

By Cathie Schoenecker

The crispness in the evening air and colorful leaves starting to fall from the trees are all signs that it is time for a well-known October ritual.   The college visit.    Aurora University hosted a visit day on Monday, Oct. 11 for prospective students and their families to come and experience in person the campus and meet department representatives.   Although Aurora University hosts several visit days throughout the year,   October is when high school seniors are applying for colleges before the November early application deadlines.  According to Terri Schmutz, Director of Enrollment Operations and Summer Session, the October visit day is the most popular.

Q: How many prospective students are expected to attend the October visit day?

A:  We have 100 students registered for the event; with family members joining them,   we are preparing for approximately 250 people total.

Q:  How does this October visit day compare to last year?

A:  Last year we had 132 prospective students registered.

Q: How many of those attending will actually become Aurora University students?   Do you have an educated guess based on your experience?  

A: The actual statistic is that we expect that 28 percent of the students attending the visit day will enroll.

Q: Is that 28 percent the same for all of the visit days that Aurora University hosts?

A: No, for example the summer visit day is primarily attended by students between their junior and senior year who are being proactive.  On average, approximately 50% of the students attending a summer visit day enroll.

Q: What can you tell me about the other visit days?  

A:  The second most popular is our winter visit day that takes place in January which last year 89 students attended.   The spring visit day is mostly juniors who are getting a head start for the next year; by that time most seniors have already made up their mind where they are attending college.

Q: Do you have any advice for prospective students?

A: Chose a school that has a good reputation for their major.   Aurora University is very well known for our Education, Nursing and Social Work programs.    If a student is undecided about their major, then they should make sure that they are keeping their options open and are able to use accumulated credits as electives if they switch majors.    On average, it is typical for an incoming freshman student to switch their major at least once.   Also when looking at tuition between various schools,  make sure you are comparing “apples to apples” and considering all of the financial aid available.    Aurora University’s President, Dr. Rebecca L. Sherrick is committed to keeping tuition costs affordable so more people are able afford a private school education.