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AU Brings in Comedian for Homecoming Event

By Melissa Beneke

Standup Comedian, Michael Palascak, entertained students with a lineup of jokes about family, life experiences and relationships on Thursday evening in the University Banquet Hall.

The night started out a little rough with a few technical difficulties: a broken microphone and speaker. However, the rough start did not stop the audience from having a good laugh.

Right away, Palascak started the night off right as he thanked everyone for inviting him to come out and made a joke about the broken speaker.

Palascak’s jokes enticed AU students Thursday Oct. 13, at 10 p.m. He was energetic and funny. He had a great variety of jokes that the crowd really enjoyed.

Loud bursts of laughter could be heard throughout UBH. Here is a sample of Palascak’s act:

“Oh Michael,” Palascak joked as if he was one of his friends. “I met this really pretty girl that I went out with and then we decided to be just friends and I thought of you.”

Palascak jokes that his relationship with women consists of meeting a beautiful girl and hanging out with her, but they never actually start dating. They only remain friends. His experiences are not uncommon to many young adults.

If you missed Thursday night’s comedian, check out his website.

Links to his comedy routine on the Late Show with David Letterman and to his profile on Comedy Central allows you to catch up on what you might have missed.