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Homecoming 2011 Spartan Spirit Night a Big Hit with AU Students

By Stacy Galanis

Spartan Spirit Night was one of the many events that concluded this year’s AU Homecoming 2011 Week. Spartan Spirit Night, hosted by AU’s Activities Programming Board (APB), went from 8p.m. to 11p.m. and was held in the Spartan Spot this Friday night. The event had many entertaining acts and activities such as a musician, balloon animals and face painting as well as a poster making area for the big Homecoming game. “We have musician David Campbell, Mike and Margaret, balloon artist and face [painter],” said Natalie Jansen, APB Special Events Chair said. “We [also have] tailgating food, poster making, Nintendo 64 and raffles.”

Karlie Pearson, the new APB Spartan Spirit Chair, said that this event was a great way to get students involved in school activities. Happy with the turnout, Pearson also added that she would consider having this event during many other points in the year, not just for Homecoming week. “I think we should do this [event] every semester to give students a time to hang out,” she said.

Many students were drawn to the balloon animals and face paintings while others sat back and enjoyed the musician, David Campbell, who cracked jokes with the audience.

Attendee Jackie Soch said that she didn’t know this event was taking place but once she arrived at the Spartan Spot, the music and the atmosphere was what drove her and her friends to stay.

“It seemed like something fun to do on campus,” attendee Erin Harwood said.

Many students were so entertained by Campbell’s (musician) fun and laid back attitude that they had no hesitation requesting songs and dancing. He even allowed some students go on stage and perform a couple of songs. Attendee Matt Tapia was one of the brave souls that stepped in and played an instrumental number.

Though the event was all fun and games, many students realized why having an event like this is so important.

“[This event] is important [because] more people can meet and form a friendship [with other students]” student Chelsea Willis said.

Student Rachel Reff agreed saying that these events allows students to grow closer to AU.

“It gives [students] the opportunity to feel more connected to the AU community,” she said.

By the happy looks on all of the face painted and balloon animal recipients alike, one can tell that many students enjoyed having the opportunity to attend this fun filled night.