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AU to Participate in Worldwide Campus Game

By Melissa Beneke


Next week Oct. 24-28, the Marketing Association will be hosting an event called Humans v. Zombies or HVZ. The game is a worldwide event on a number of different campuses.

The event goes on for four days straight.  “Then there will be a party at the end for players and the winners at Play N Trade in Aurora, IL.” Virginia Smith, member of the Marketing Association said.

HVZ is basically a game of tag between humans and zombies. The humans are trying to outlast the zombies. One person starts out a zombie and they have to tag a human to make them a zombie.

Rules for zombies:

  •             Must eat a human every 24 hours to stay alive
  •             Tags are reported on Facebook
  •             Must visibly wear red wristband for zombie at ALL times
  •             A tag is a firm touch to a human
  •             Must collect a human’s ID card after the tag

Rules for humans:

  •             Must carry ID card at ALL times
  •             Must visibly wear blue armband for human at ALL times
  •             May stun a zombie for 15 minutes by throwing a sock at them
  •             Must hand over ID card and blue armband when tagged by a zombie

When a human turns into a zombie, they must wait one hour after being tagged before they can tag other humans.

If you are not involved in the game, there are a few rules for you to know as well. Non players cannot interact with players. This includes bringing them food or spying on the other team.

There are also a number of safety procedures in place.

“No weaponry and absolutely no game play in restricted areas.” Smith said. “Players may not play where there is traffic or cars. Socks may not be filled with water, rocks or any other substance aimed to actually hurt people.”

All students are able to join the event, commuters or residents, as long as they are on campus for a majority of the time and are active on campus.

So look out for some fun next week. The Marketing Association has worked very hard on the event and looks forward to a high participation.

Like the Aurora University Student Marketing Associate page on Facebook. Check out one of the meetings listed above for more information.

Check out the official HVZ website.