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AU Students Get Loads of Laughs from Comedian Ryan Conner

By Stacy Galanis

Ryan Conner (Left) and John McBrian (Right)


Wednesday, October 26, was the night in which, if one walked by AU’s University Banquet Hall, they’d hear hysterical laughter resulting from comedian Ryan Conner’s jokes.

The event went from 9:00p.m. to 10:30p.m. and produced many chuckles, and even a few tears of laughter, from many of the students in attendance.

The night began with Conner’s opening act, comedian John McBrian, who got the crowd going with jokes about himself and the stereotypes he, as well as others, face.

“I like [John McBrian]. He was stumbling and seemed new to the stage but that just added to his comedy,” Attendee Nicole Hamblen. “His sense of humor was something I could relate [to and] I couldn’t stop laughing.”

McBrian’s humor was very laid back and blunt. It also consisted of jokes revolving around some of the attendees, which the audience members enjoyed. His stage presence was so relaxed that many times, he even laughed at his own jokes.

Once the audience got their fill of McBrian’s funny quirks, it was the night’s headliner and SNL Weekend Update writer, Ryan Conner, to take the microphone.

Conner, like McBrian, found the basis of many of his punch lines through his experiences. He made what one would think would be “normal” experiences into hilarious stories that infected the audience with contagious laughter.

“I thought he was hilarious,” Kristen Day, attendee, said. “He had a lot of great material.”

Conner, with his ability to gauge the audience’s reactions, seemed to know when exactly to say what joke to truly get the audience going. His jokes were relatable and about situations that really got the crowd laughing.

“[Ryan Conner] was very funny,” AU Peer Advisor, Shannon Day, said. “I had a great time and couldn’t stop laughing,” She added.

With all the stress that many students at AU have to deal with on a daily basis, whether it be with homework or other studies, this event surely put all their minds at ease with laughter.

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  1. It made me wish i had been there for the laughs, Everyone needs to get rid of stress thanks, Lorna Schaefer