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Fashion Loves You’s Stylish Impact at AU

By Stacy Galanis

Caption: last year’s Spring Annual Fashion Show photo shoot “Flashing Lights” hosted by F.L.Y.


Fashion Loves You, also known as FLY, is an organization at Aurora University that gives members the opportunity to form bonds with AU students as well as students outside of AU itself.

“Fashion Loves You is a student organization where people who enjoy and share the same interest can come together and network amongst one another and go beyond [the] Aurora University campus, connecting with local colleges and universities, as well,” FLY’s President Jennifer Lewis said.

According to Lewis, the organization gives students the opportunity to learn about fashion and what the fashion industry is all about.

“Membership provides the opportunity to gain knowledge about the fashion industry and participate in FLY’s events, including our annual Spring fashion show every April,” Lewis said. “This organization allows students to express [themselves] within the fabulous world of fashion.”

According to Lewis, you don’t have to be fashion savvy to join.

“According to Fashion Loves You, everyone knows about fashion,” she said. “When you wake up and throw on a certain shirt, with a certain pair of jeans, and slip on some shoes, that’s your style [and] we welcome all types of style to our organization.”

FLY is welcoming of all students that want to join and even allows their current members to share their experiences regarding the organization in hopes of enlightening potential members.

“Our main goals for the Fashion Loves You student organization this year are to spread awareness about our organization by hosting events on campus, encouraging Spartans to join,” Lewis said.

FLY has already gotten a jump-start in achieving this goal with their Flash Mob event held this past October.

“The first event of this semester that FLY participated in was a Flash Mob on the Aurora University quad October 6th,” Lewis said. “[The event] was designed to build awareness of our organization and our event that was planned for the following day.”

Fashion Loves You has more events up their fashionable sleeves that they’ve planned for this year.

“Upcoming events for this school year include group outings, discussion tables, and a few collaborations with other organizations on campus, [so] everyone should be on the lookout for Fashion Loves You,” Lewis said.

Though FLY’s motto is “to network, inspire, and empower men and women to live…and live in style,” according to Lewis, all members don’t always participate in their fashion shows.

“All [FLY members] are not necessarily participating on the runway in our annual fashion show,” she said. “We consider every member of FLY to be a model, however there are certain committees, such as poster-work, backstage crew, etc., that FLY members have the opportunity to sign-up for. There are so many opportunities that any talent that our models have will get put to work.”

According to Lewis, “the best thing about FLY is that there is not a specific image FLY projects on the Aurora University campus. All the members and individuals involved with FLY are different and each “model” brings something unique to the table, and the FLY board does not let any suggestion or advice go unheard,” Lewis said. “The models in this organization are free to express themselves in rehearsals and at events, and that is the best asset of this organization.”

Fashion Loves You meets every 3rd Thursday of the month in Dunham Atrium at 7 p.m.

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  1. Thanks, for writing this article it was informative and sounds like a lot of fun for kids at Aurora University. Good way for college kids to get together and express themselves in fashion.Really enjoyed the writing of article, Keep up the good work . Lorna Schaefer