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Oh What a Tangled Web…the Latest on Herman Cain

By Katie Chambers

Things are not going away as quickly as Herman Cain had hoped earlier this week. Allegations are doing anything but slowing down. Now with a third woman claiming she too considered filing complaints against him for suggestive remarks and gestures. Not good, not good.

But it gets worse…

Accusations started towards the Perry campaign after Cain made several conflicting statements about the allegations during the first half of the week. Remarks made by Cain’s campaign manager, Mark Block, were anything but professional. He later only retracted the statements during an interview with FOX News. It seems that is all Cain’s headquarters can do lately.

And worse…

The actual amount of one settlement was brought into the light Thursday. ”Cain’s claim that one accuser was paid a few months salary after alleging harassment, was actually paid $45,000 — a sum far higher than what a mid-level staffer would have made in a few months in the 1990s” as reported by Politico.com.

And worse…

Apparently one of the women accusing Cain of sexual harassment is seeking permission from National Restaurant Association to release a public statement without violating the confidential settlement agreement. The Association is currently reviewing it and plans to respond by tomorrow.

My guess is it gets worse… Stay tuned.