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Racial Comments Shouted on AU’s Quad

By Lieryn Johnson

On Wed. Nov. 9, all AU students and faculty received an email from Amy Lamphere, Dean of Strudents, regarding some disparaging racial remarks that were heard on AU’s quad.

Lamphere mentioned that the phrase “White Power” was shouted between the hours of 6 p.m. and 12 a.m.

Considering that Aurora University is a uniquely diverse school, many students were surprised to hear that these negative comments were even being uttered among our “inclusive community.”

“I think this is a really big deal. I want to know who is responsible,” said Katie Chambers, a senior.  We’re all adults and we need to act like it. We know what racial slurs are and that they’re not appropriate. The one responsible should apologize and understand the seriousness of what he/she said.”

Chambers’ thoughts simply confirm that although as a society we have made many strides and accomplishments in the race department, there are always those who try to ruin it.

Some might argue that the offender was just trying to be funny, but students need to understand the historical context that the phrase holds.

Lamphere argued that white power “conveys a message that the white race and culture needs to be preserved and protected from the influence of other races and cultures. It is offensive, disrespectful, and subversive of the living and learning environment that we strive to create.”

Haile Christofferson, senior, was so shocked when she heard about the racial comments that she actually made a Facebook post about it. “I put up a Facebook status about it saying, ‘Are we that immature or are we letting junior high kids on campus?”

It is a relief to know that some students are not taking the comments lightly.

Although not able to be reached for further comment, Lamphere emphasized in her email that “the University will not tolerate behaviors that threaten the physical and/or emotional well-being of the members of our community.”

Students are advised to call Campus Public Safety (630-844-6140) if this behavior is witnessed again.