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Morrissey Returns To Chicago After Cancellation

By Nolan Siegler

After two years since his last concert in Chicago, Morrissey will finally play at Congress Theater on Dec. 17 after settling some scheduling difficulties.

The indie-rock legend, who was originally supposed to play the venue in early November, had to reschedule the show due to circumstances that were “out of his hands.”

According to a statement released by a tour representative, Morrissey was forced to postpone the Chicago show due to a “Visa administration error,” which made it impossible for his lead guitarist to perform. All other tour dates were unchanged and refunds were made available for anyone who purchased tickets.

“I was very disappointed when the show was canceled,” said AU student Chase Buehler. “That being said, I think the rescheduling has only increased my anticipation for the show. I’ve never seen him live before and can’t wait to experience it.”

Although notorious for lacking a record deal, the ex-Smiths singer made a recent appearance on “Conan” performing a new song titled “People Are the Same Everywhere.” The song, like much of his solo career, has received mixed reactions from listeners.

“I’m a big fan of The Smiths and have been listening to them for a while now,” said John Peskind, a student at Bradley University. “I feel like Morrissey’s solo material is for people from a different generation. While I respect his work with The Smiths, his solo albums never resonated with me.”

Morrissey has been making headlines for his lawsuit against NME and remarks about the recent shooting in Norway. Despite his controversial nature, fans have been eagerly waiting for a follow up to his 2009 album Years of Refusal.

“We have new songs,” said Morrissey in a recent interview with Pitchfork Media. “We don’t want to let any more out yet because before you know it the album will suddenly exist in a variety of forms EXCEPT as a finished studio recording.”