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Double Yolk Restaurant Shares its Keys to Staying in Business

By Lieryn Johnson

Photo by Lieryn Johnson

Double Yolk is a relatively new restaurant in the Aurora area that specializes in serving breakfast and lunch.  Located just east of Kirk Road and Butterfield Road, Double Yolk opened its doors this past June to a warm welcome from the community.

“The one thing I’m very proud of is that the community has really adopted us,” said Walter Dankowski, general manager of Double Yolk. “The neighbors down the street, there are those who drive from Galena, North Aurora and Batavia to join us for breakfast on the weekends.”

Located just a stone’s throw from McDonald’s and Milette’s—both of which are geared toward fast food, Double Yolk offers a complete dining experience for breakfast and lunch-goers.

Dankowski, who began working for Double Yolk prior to its opening, is not just proud of the reception the restaurant has received, but also that he has been able to support the local economy.

“We’ve got to give people in the community brand new jobs,” he said.  “That was very exciting to be able to put people back to work.”

He said that much of his staff has been part of their team since the first day.

So how does Double Yolk differentiate itself from its other breakfast competitors?

“Everything we do is fresh,” Dankowski said.  “Everything is cut and chopped.  Turkey and ham are right off the bone and nothing is processed.  This gives customers the experience of home cooked meals at a very reasonable price.”

“I think the location of the restaurant is what it has going for it the most, said Scott Simpson, of St. Charles.  “Placed further south in Aurora and it would struggle to compete with more established restaurants.  But it provides breakfast in an area desperately short of good, quality places to dine.”

Nerissa Marshall, of Batavia, visited Double Yolk on a slow Tuesday morning.  She ordered an avocado and cheese omelet with sausage, which came with pancakes and hash browns.  Although Marshall said her server was pleasant, she would order a different menu item next time, explaining that she has tasted better quality of the same food at Lumes in Batavia.

“[Double Yolk] gives you a thick chunk of cheese in the middle of the omelet which was not appetizing to me,” Marshall said.

Marshall thinks Double Yolk will remain in business despite the struggling economy because the restaurant serves “huge portions.”

“Double Yolk is one of the better breakfast/brunch places that I have gone to,” said Simpson, who has frequented Double Yolk on a few different occasions.  “Everything that I have tried was good and the place was cleaner than most diners.”

Dankowski emphasized Double Yolk’s focus on customer satisfaction.  He said he and his staff are there to serve the customers and want to show appreciation for all the support they have received thus far.

“I get thanks everyday from our customers for being here,” Dankowski said.  “There has not been a day that has gone by when I have not gotten ‘Thanks.’”

Offering specials daily, (one is creatively named “the apple omelet”), Dankowski welcomes all guests to Double Yolk to experience any of their wide variety of menu choices.

Double Yolk is open from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Sunday, and is at 1555 Butterfield Road in Aurora, Ill.