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AU Hosts Service in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

By Melissa Beneke

Aurora, Ill. – Jan. 13 Reverend Julian E. Spencer inspired students, faculty and staff to go after their dreams like Martin Luther King Jr. The service took place in Aurora University’s Wackerlin Center for Faith and Action.

“I have a dream today.” Martin Luther King Jr. said in his most famous speech.

King’s dream was to live in freedom and equality of all people. As a religious man, his dream was given to Him by God.

“His dream was not popular at the time,” said Spencer “but he did not stop.”

King wanted to see his dream become a reality. And now, Spencer said he has become one of the greatest inspirations for men and women to achieve their own dreams.

Spencer urged the crowd to do three things:

Dare to dream

“When God gives you a dream, you might be seen as crazy by other people.” Spencer said. But he urged the crowd to dream anyway. Not all dreams seem attainable, but if a dream is meant to be, it will happen.

Remain determined

Spencer said that anyone with a dream must have the courage to see that dream to the end. Dreams take determination. King’s dream was no different. He could have stopped at any time, but he made a decision to remain determined.

Seek your dream to become a reality

Finally, for a dream to become true, it needs to be a reality. For King, equality started out as just a dream, but today, it is a reality. Although there is still work to be done, society has made great strides to treat men and women of all races with equality.

Spencer left with one final message. He dared the group of students, faculty and staff to dream just like King and encouraged them to follow through.