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Activities Programming Board Holds Appreciation Dinner for AU Commuters

By Stacy Galanis


Photo by Stacy Galanis


On Wednesday Jan. 26, the Activities Programming Board (APB) held their first annual commuter appreciation dinner. This event, which began at 5:30 p.m. and went until 7:30 p.m., was centered around AU’s commuters.

“It [was] an appreciation dinner for commuter students to try to show them all the opportunities AU has for them to get involved,” APB member Jamie Southerland said.

Not only was it a fun way to introduce commuters to each other, but a way to educate them on the events being held on campus.

“It’s a great way for commuters to feel more connected to the campus just like the residents do,” AU resident Marcus Atkins said.

The dinner, held in UBH, included a free buffet dinner as well as games and activities that commuters could participate in.

Games consisted of Pictionary where each table competed against each other, raffles and, at the start of the evening, students were to guess how many pieces of candy were in a jar in hopes of winning it as the prize.

Many students were so excited during the games that they cheered and screamed each other on.

Besides the games, students viewed a PowerPoint presentation advertising the many upcoming events that the Activities Programming Board has planned for this semester and, many students understood the importance of hosting an event such as this.

“[It’s] important because as a commuter it seems like it can be a hassle to come to events like this because of the drive,” Sophomore Kayle Reger said. “Because it was for commuters, it was special because it created a sense of unity between us.”

Though many people attended for different reasons, it seemed as though all concluded that it was a great way to meet other people.

For Atkins, who is also a member of the Activities Programming Board, it was a way to gauge an idea as to how nonmembers view the organization.

“From the APB perspective, I thought it was a great way to see how the commuters feel about how we advertise and market our events and organization,” he said.

When asked how they enjoyed the event, students Vanessa Gutierrez and Gracie Lopez both said that, if the APB hosted a dinner like this again, they would again attend because, not only was it a great opportunity to meet friends but because the food was delicious.

Freshman Kayla Kostka agreed that she too would come again.

“I would come again [because] it felt very welcoming,” she said. “There was a good vibe in the room.”