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Madonna Reigns Supreme at Super Bowl









By Ryan Hiller

Madonna has been performing for almost 30 years and almost immediately established herself as a pop culture icon, so it was no surprise when the singer headlined the Super Bowl  XLVI halftime show that she blew both the crowd and viewers away Sunday evening.

The performance began as the Queen of Pop was carried in on a throne, ushered by men dressed as gladiators evoking images of Cleopatra- Madonna was here to dominate as she began the show singing her 90s hit “Vogue.” The stage was a giant digital video screen that changed and took up a large portion of the field. The screen showing images of past stars, covers of Vogue and Madonna herself.

When “Music” began the screen shifted to a giant turntable. Madonna stumbled slightly while getting onto the bleacher style set for the number. However, she recovered quickly and was joined by LMFO who sang samples of their songs “Sexy and I Know It” and “Party Rock Anthem.”

Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. joined Madonna on stage to sing their new single “Give Me All Your Luvin’.” The women donned cheerleader costumes and pom-poms befitting the event. A large marching band played a melody of “Open Your Heart” and “Express Yourself.”

Madonna closed the 15-minute halftime show with a duet of “Like a Prayer” with Cee-Lo Green. A gospel choir came on stage and the digital screen transformed into a sea of stars. The show was over as the singer disappeared into a cloud of smoke.

Madonna’s high energy performance was free of controversy, which the singer was once famous for causing. The show ended with a simple message illuminating on the digital screen- “world peace.”