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AU Students Attend MIG-nificent Simulation

Top row: Craig Warner and Tevin Boyett; Middle row: Yesenia Melendez and RIchard Artz; Bottom row: Tiffany Walz, Khriy Davis, Michael Deamantopulos, Christy Savellano

Nine AU students participated in the mock simulation of Illinois government (commonly known as MIG) earlier this month.

For three days 300 students delegates, from over 20 colleges and universities, gathered at the State’s Capitol to debate recent policy issues in Illinois’ government.

Jason Badura, who advises the AU delegation, said he was impressed by the level of debate and knowledge on the variety of bills.

“My favorite bill to debate was the firearms- concealed carry because everyone was so passionate in their opinions and beliefs” said freshman Christy Savellano.

“It got really heated on- and off- the chamber floors,” said senior Tevin Boyett. “You could definitely tell everyone was getting into it.”

“MIG is a great opportunity for students to learn about politics and government, generally, and within Illinois, specifically, in an applied way beyond the classroom,” said Badura.

Between party caucuses, committee meetings, chamber floor sessions, and evening galas, it is safe to say the students run on a very tight schedule.

“Even though it seemed a bit chaotic, I loved every minute of it,” said Boyett.

“I’m 100 percent going back next year- it was such a great experience,” said Savellano, who attended the event for the first time this year.