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Servant Leadership Important to AU

By Kelly Lemezis

photo by Al Benson

“Servant-leadership is not about self-sacrifice or self-denial but self-fulfillment,” said Dr. Kent Keith, chief executive officer of the Greenleaf center for Servant Leadership on March 19, 2012, at Aurora University’s Crimi Auditorium where he presented on servant-leadership and its importance on making the world a better place.

Dr. Kent Keith knew living a life only for himself was not good enough, he wanted a more impactful life.  He wanted to make the world a better place.  He gave an hour long presentation to Aurora students, faculty and community members on his life journey and his leadership journey.

“I thought it was interesting.  I never thought of service-leadership before.  It was good to see the difference between regular leadership and service-leadership,” said Alex Cebular, a sophomore at Aurora University that attended the presentation.

The speech ended with Keith having the audience think of the end of their lives.  “Imagine what we will see when we look back: Who were we?  Whom did we love?  What did we stand for?  What difference did we make?”  He then followed up with audience questions.