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BSA Executive Board Members

Student Organization Profile: BSA

By Melissa Beneke

BSA Executive Board Members

The Black Student Association is dedicated to raising cultural awareness on the Aurora University Campus.

BSA’s purpose is “to promote cultural unity, empathy and understanding, not only among black students, but throughout the Aurora University campus community”.

BSA has accomplished this task through a number of different events this year. BSA’s Gospel explosion, service projects with the Prisco Center, collaboration with groups such as ARISE and LASO and movie viewing of The Help, helps to promote cultural awareness.

BSA’s board member consists of six student members. These members include a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Historian and Orgs. Council Representative.

BSA has roughly 40-50 active members in their organization. Members participate in weekly meetings as well as activities that stress the importance of unity on AU’s campus.

Meetings take place every other Tuesday at 5:15 p.m. in Dunham 119 where anywhere from 15-25 students attend.

“I love that this is a group designed to spread cultural awareness, unity and knowledge.” Michelle Miller, BSA president, said. “Not only do we like to educate people [about cultures], but we also love to have fun.”

One way that BSA was able to help out the community this year was through their service project with the Prisco Center. Students helped by raising money and food for local food pantries.

“Our location made the most money out of all of the participating locations.” Miller said.

From cultural awareness and service projects, to fun activities, BSA is an active member of the AU community.

If you are interested in learning more, contact BSA@auora.edu.