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Photo courtesy of Julie Adams

EcoClub’s Green Influence On AU

By Stacy Galanis

Photo courtesy of Julie Adams

EcoClub, a club at AU, is an organization that is focused on promoting the awareness of environmental issues as well as solving these issues in a fun and effective way.

“The mission of EcoClub is to educate the AU community about issues we are currently facing, and to carry out projects that not only promote environmental citizenship, but also that help decrease our environmental impact,” EcoClub’s faculty advisor Julie Adams says. “Students in EcoClub can participate in clean-up efforts in the Aurora community, participate in education events, and promote a healthy ecological mindset.”

EcoClub is not only a great way for students to learn about the many environmental issues we have to deal with but also serves as an outlet for them to voice their opinions on possible solutions.

The organization is different from most at Aurora University because it is strictly focused on making a difference in how students treat the Earth and its resources.

“Eco Club is different than many organizations at AU because we are focused on bringing environmental awareness specifically and dedicated to making AU as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. It is a forum through which students can reach out to fellow students and the community to generate awareness about environmental concepts and actions,” Monika Kastle, EcoClub’s Vice President, says.

Adams also adds that the students in the organization also make the organization what it is too.

“EcoClub is different because it is composed of students that really want to make a difference about a global issue. The members are dedicated to promoting environmental health awareness, and truly want to make a difference in the world,” she says.

According to Adams, the organization has held many events such as their 1st Annual Earth Hour event and has participated in an event run by the Sierra Club in which they help clean the Fox River.

They might also be planning an end of semester camping trip as well as creating their own mission statement as well.

For Adams, the organization is an inspiration for her both in her teachings as well as beyond that.

“EcoClub, as a concept, means to me that there are others out there that are concerned about our environment and that they are willing to work hard to try to affect change in the world. As a professor, it extends what I promote in my classroom to outside of the classroom, and inspires me to know that the next generation really cares and they want to make a difference,” Adams says.

She also hopes that the members use the club’s mission statement not only as a tool to guide the club’s activities but that they also use it to drive the choices they make in their own life.

For Kastle, EcoClub is especially meaningful to her because of her strong passion in this subject.

“EcoClub means a lot to me,” Kastle says. “I feel very strongly about the important role we play in protecting the world we live in by minimizing our impact I am majoring in biology and I have always had a passion for ecology. I was very pleased to learn that EcoClub had been started up at AU and I am proud to say I am a part of it.”

The organization, which meets biweekly on Thursdays at noon, is open to anyone that has an interest or passion in environmental issues and to those that just want to help solve these issues.

“People that want to make a difference should join EcoClub. Our message is to live more in harmony with the natural world – if a student feels this way, EcoClub is a way to make a difference, make your voice heard, and affect others,” Adams says. “It is a fun and interesting club because it has a real purpose, and we are fighting for a real cause.”

To learn more about EcoClub, students can contact

EcoClub Faculty Advisor, Julie Adams jadams@aurora.edu

Or check out their facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/groups/AUEcoClub/