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"Aztec Stories" at Aurora Univeristy's Crimi Auditorim Oct. 12 Photo by Al Benson

Arts & Ideas: Aztec Stories

Allie Tremaine, center, a fourth grader at Freeman Elementary School in Aurora, played a drum in “Aztec Stories”. She accompanied Sandy Heralda, left, and Michael Heralda, right.
Photo by Al Benson

“Aztec Stories” at Aurora Univeristy’s Crimi Auditorim Oct. 12
Photo by Al Benson


















Aurora University Arts & Ideas lecture series hosted “Aztec Stories” on Friday Oct. 12. This was a cultural, educational and musically interactive program led by Sandy and Michael Heralda.

The show was an interactive sampling of Aztecan songs, oral traditions and poetry. The couple used more than 35 handmade native instruments including clay flutes, gourd water drums, shakers, rasps, deer antlers and turtle and conch shells during their high-energy program for all ages. Michael Heralda used phrases and words in Nahuatl, the Aztec language, and sang songs in English, Spanish and Nahuatl.

The event was sponsored by the Schingoethe Center for Native American Cultures and The Aurora University Latin American Student Organization.