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Album Review: Brandon Heath – Blue Mountain

Brandon Heath is a Christian country musician whose work is well known throughout the Christian music world. Heath is well known for songs like “Your Love”, “The Light in Me” and “Give Me Your Eyes”.

Heath’s newest album, Blue Mountain, which is composed of 11 tracks including “He Paid it All for Me”, “Jesus in Disguise”, and “Love Will Be Enough for Us”, was released on October 9th of this year. According to Heath’s promotional website, “Brandon Heath opens the door to an intriguing locale, populated by saints and sinners, perpetually overflowing with powerful truths and soul-shaking observations on life and humanity.”

Heath’s message is similar to his previous albums. But with Blue Mountain, Heath really wanted to do something different as well. Songs such as “He Paid it All for Me” really embody the Christian message of salvation that runs throughout Heath’s past albums. Preaching about the goodness of God, it talks about Jesus paid for all of our sins when He died on the cross before going back to relate it to people today. Heath discusses how we should praise God for this.

Commenting on his own music, Heath states, “In a conversation with my friend Al Andrews, he commented that he had read somewhere that some people can be like Blue Mountains. In the distance, they are mysterious and majestic and you can’t touch them, but when you get up close to them, you realize they are just brown and green.  They aren’t blue at all.  For some reason, that got my mind going.  So, I started writing songs about different characters—the coal miner, the farmer, the guy who is on death row.”

Heath’s attempt to get outside of himself bring him to writing songs that tell the stories of other people’s lives, as well as allowing him to go back to his country roots. He takes on more of a country tone, which one may count as fitting seeing as Heath is naturally from Nashville.

His voice has a slight twang and the background music is simpler like many of his past country songs. There are not too many instruments to get caught up in. The background makes it easier to really listen to Heath’s lyrics while creating a good background beat that makes it easy to tap your feet too. It’s mellow and contains more ballads than his normal sound does. His most popular songs like “Your Love” is more upbeat and pop flavored.

“Paul Brown Petty” is one example of Heath’s story telling. He tells the story of Paul Brown Petty who was an officer in the 1940s. His song talks about how good of a man he was. It is not overtly Christian, but it does have some Christian themes incorporated into the song like Heaven and church.

I really love when artists go back to their roots. So I entirely commend Heath for taking his fans back to Nashville. He does so in a way that does not distract from the album and the messages within. Heath’s sound has always been slightly country so since he is from Tennessee originally, it would be hard to take the country tone out of his voice for any album. His other albums still have a country twist in them, it is just more noticeable in Blue Mountain.

Overall, the country flair makes for a good twist but does not take away from Brandon Heath’s ability to make music and create good messages. And Heath becomes a great storyteller as he recounts other people’s stories instead of only writing about his own.

 Overall Score: 4 out of 5

Brandon Heath’s website: http://brandonheath.net/

Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/brandonheath