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Album Review: Taylor Swift’s Red

These past two weeks, I have been excitedly informing my Spartan Chronicle staffers (much more than they’ve probably cared for) that the release of the new Taylor Swift album, Red, was soon approaching. Well, Red has finally released and I was bubbling over with joy and anticipation. Was my excitement worth it? Was the album as good as I expected it to be?

The answer: it’s better.

The album, consisting of 16 songs, includes songs like “Begin Again,” “Red,” and the hit single, “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” and was reported to have sold over 500,000 plus copies on its first day. And, I was one of the many that made it their mission to buy a copy within its first few days of being released.

So, what is that makes the album so great? For starters, it’s much different than Swift’s usual country sound. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Listening to it, it would seem that there is only one country song, “Begin Again,” on the album. Usually a country fan as myself would get upset, but this situation is an exception.

This album is much more poppy than her original works and it’s much more enjoyable; so much so that, halfway through listening to it, the want for a country song completely disappears and is forgotten. Though this is far from a complaint, it must be said that I was a little surprised to hear Swift sing songs such as those on her album for they are very opposite of her “old” song ways.

Many times while listening to the album, I would make comments such as “This song sounds a lot like a Paramore” or, “She sounds a little like Ke$ha here”I found myself constantly comparing songs such as “22”, “State of Grace” as well as the rest of her songs to tunes that I have heard from different artists.

Speaking of different artists, Swift’s album features two songs in which she has collaborated with other artists, too. Her songs, “Everything Has Changed,” which features Ed Sheeran and “The Last Time,” in which Swift sings with Gary Lightbody of the band Snow Patrol, bring a new sound to her album.

These songs don’t sound  “wrong” in any way; they seem to fit Swift well- it doesn’t sound like she’s playing “make-believe” and singing songs that don’t fit her voice; a thought in which I stand corrected of. This album is fun, poppy and playful. It addresses all sorts of moods: heartbroken (“I Almost Do”), love-struck giddy (“Starlight”), happy-go-lucky (“Stay Stay Stay”) , and a mood in which one would be happily reminiscing of the past memories.

“Red”, in which the album was named after, is a perfect example of this last point. In it, it would seem that listeners can hear how sorry Swift is for the lost love she describes but, rather than being angry about it, the song illicits a strange sense of happiness and contentment.

And, if you have been following the Taylor Swift gossip (yes, guilty as charged), the release of the album allows curious Swift fans (including Ellen DeGeneres!) to try to guess which Taylor Swift boyfriend this song is about.

For these reasons, it would seem that Taylor Swift’s album is a hit.

The album offers different songs for different moods and is filled with happiness, sadness, and a sense of freedom, which, no matter what the songs’ genres, are all showing of a great Taylor Swift album.

Overall Score: 9.5 out of 10

A few of my favorite songs from Red: “Red”,“I Knew You Were Trouble”,  “Stay Stay Stay”