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Album Review: WOW Hits 2013

By Melissa Beneke

In the Christian music world, a yearly tradition is the release of a WOW Hits compilation; an amazing collection of the newest and biggest Christian radio songs by some of the biggest label names in Contemporary Christian music. With almost 40 tracks comprising over 2 hours of music in a double CD album, the 2013 edition of WOW hits really delivers.

Although the album’s cover promises a track list of only 36 of today’s top hits by Christian artists, the album in fact contains 39 tracks.

The qualifications of this album are not confined to one specific theme or particular type of artist. Musicians both new and old are welcome on this album. Songs such as Royal Taylor’s “Make a Move” and Skillet’s “One Day Too Late” had previously been released on albums dating as recently as 2011 and as early as 2009, respectively. This is because songs by artists such as Skillet or Steven Curtis Chapman span years in popularity, so it may be more common to see an older song of theirs appear on a current WOW Hits album.

The inclusion of these songs is great because they allow the listener to remember old favorites from earlier years; enjoying a small blast from the past.

On the first CD, songs like Casting Crown’s “Courageous”, MercyMe’s “The Hurt and the Healer”, Frascesca Battistelli’s “Angel by Your Side”, and Big Daddy Weave’s “Love Come to Life”  can all be heard including 15 other popular songs.

On the second CD, songs include Newboys’ “God’s Not Dead”, Brit Nicole’s “All This Time”, Christ August’s “Center of It”, Sanctus Real’s “The Redeemer”, and Abandon’s “Feel It in Your Heart”.  16 more songs can be heard on this side of the CD.

Some of these songs and artists might not be recognizable on a first listen, but they all are popular on the radio and casual listeners, like myself, may discover that they have heard artists that they did not know before.

Overall, the song combinations are really good popular Christian songs on the radio. The selection is a good mix of different Christian artists including ballad songs and upbeats songs, male and female artists, and older and newer artists.

I give this album 9 out of 10.