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Things to Note Before You Vote

#1 – Verify your polling place location. Locations have changed since the last election. Politics & Elections, a new feature on Google, simplified this tedious process. Visit here, and insert your address to locate your polling place.

#2 – Remember that more than one election is going on tomorrow. All the other names on the ballot are just as – if not more – important than presidential ones. The country’s problems do not rest solely in the hands of the president. Familiarize yourself with local representatives and senators, because they are the ones who represent you in Congress. If you don’t know who your congressperson is, visit here and enter your zip code. To learn more about how your congressperson voted on issues and bills click here.

#3 – If the political leanings of your state don’t align with your own, don’t let it discourage you from voting. Election polls show that this going to be a very close race. Every vote counts.

#4 – There is a lot at stake for college students, and the issues facing this country will affect your future.

#5- Experts say voters should not take past polls too seriously. Pollsters choose samples, word questions and analyze results differently. Therefore, no  poll will yield the same result. On Sunday, the Pew Research poll showed Obama leading by three point lead while  a poll by CNN indicated that the candidates are tied.