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A clean workspace can help a student feel productive.

How to survive the rest of the semester

by Breann Adams

As Aurora University students enter week fourteen of the semester, some may be finding it hard to stay focused. Students are abuzz, saying that they cannot wait for May to come because the focus and drive to get things done has gone out the window, so to speak. Students can become easily frustrated and stressed out. However, some AU students are finding ways to remain focused and driven.

“Making a to-do list and putting the tasks that need to get done first at the top so I am not wasting time looking for them. I also try to allot myself a certain amount of time in my planner to complete each task so I am not just focusing and spending all of my time on one task,” says Senior Communication Major Christina Wren.

To-do lists are a way that students can keep themselves organized. Some students like Junior Communication and Media Studies Major Brooke Belair get creative when making a to-do list. “Honestly I have to make it fun or I won’t remember things. I take an empty notebook and write the dates in and then fill in the space with what I need to do that day with different colors. Each of my classes has a different color, that way I know what assignment goes to what class just by looking at the color of ink.”

Adding some flare to the planner and to-do list makes the assignments stand out, which helps students to remember what they have going on. As Belair says, “the second half of the semester is always a struggle. After getting a week off with spring break, everyone just wants May to come. Staying focused is hard and sometimes it feels impossible, but there is always some way to keep the goal in mind.”

Other students like to take a different approach to remaining focused for the last half of the semester. Senior Communication Major Andrea Guzel focused her senior capstone project on helping students with this very thing. Guzel formed the idea for what she calls, Clair.

“Sometimes life gets crazy and it especially can be hard to get back into the swing of things after returning from spring break. One of the best things to do, even though it seems counterproductive, is to train your body and mind to relax. There are many resources out there for this, like yoga and meditation, but if you’re looking for something to help you during finals or at a low point in the semester, you can check out Clair,” said Guzel.

From to-do lists, to planners that are color coordinated, to Clair, there are things available to help students survive the second half of the semester. If schoolwork becomes too much of a struggle, students can always turn to their professors for advice.

“Set small goals for yourself and then as you accomplish them, celebrate the small victories,” says Aurora University Professor Dr. Kathleen Turner.

For more information on resources to survive the semester, visit the Aurora University website.