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Softball vs BU

By: Chris Fritsch

The Aurora Spartans softball team took on rival Benedictine University April 12 at the Stuart Sport Complex in Aurora Ill. The Spartans split with the Eagles winning game one 5-2 and losing game 1-2.

Junior pitcher Britni Wilson picked up the win for the day improving to 10-2 on the mound this season. Senior infielder Mandy Shrader had a good day at the office in game one going 2-3 and scoring a run in the 5-2 victory.

The Spartans fell behind in the second but after that they took control of the game and beat the conference foe. In game two things changed for the Spartans losing to the eagles in game two.

Shrader was hot in game one but game two she finished 1-4. “In game one we were able to get some runs late to close out the game for us and it was a big victory for us. In game 2 we just couldn’t get those late runs and that is what hurt us today. Hopefully we can get better in practice for next game,” said Shrader.

In game one senior outfielder Stephanie Starr was able to get a late RBI to seal the victory for the Spartans and she was proud of the way she came out late tons real the win. “I was able to get us a run in late in the game to seal a victory. That’s always a good feeling,” said Starr.

I am sure playing a double header as a base runner and or pitcher is not and say task. You can be hot one minute and ice cold the next; it’s all a part of the game. As long as you get better you don’t have anything to worry about. Win or Lose you make us proud ladies!