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Women’s Lacrosse vs Benedictine

By: Ryan Kolten

This past week the Women’s Spartan Lacrosse team went up against school rivals Benedictine Eagles at Vago Field to improve on their record and continue their march through the final few games of the season.

Right out of the gate the Spartans held the lead over the Eagles by going up 12-4 by the time the first half of the game had come to a close. There was no looking back from this as it was nothing but theirs to gain from here.

The second half of the game followed the same route and saw the Spartans gain another 8 points, only allowing the Eagles to score another 4. The game concluded with another win in the books for the Spartans with a score of 20-8.

The lead players of this game were Kenny Hughes (8 goals), Andrea Colford (6 goals), and Kendall Urban & Lauren Whitfield (both with 3 goals). With this win the Women improve upon their record to 7-7 on the season

Yet of course as the end of the season is coming up soon (with a total of 3 games left) it is important to see what entails with the leaving senior class, and what can possibly be done to make up for their presence.

“As a departing senior myself, it will be interesting to see the dynamic shift. I’m confident in the team to be right back where we are this season. Our juniors are a solid group of girls, so I feel they will step up and play their part. I’m also confident coach has a great group of girls coming in,” said senior midfielder Kaylyn Glimmer.

Stay tuned throughout the rest of the season to watch the Women’s’ Spartan Lacrosse team continue their path towards victory.