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Mark Walter Presents “Beautiful Noise” to Aurora University Students

Written By: Nick Majka

Mark Walter, a professor of philosophy at Aurora University, spoke to both students and faculty, along with community members. The presentation took place in Perry Theatre at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, October 4th.

Roughly thirty-five people gathered in the Perry Theatre on the Aurora University campus. The tone was set with a soothing, low lit atmosphere with an engaging speaker.

Mark Walter articulated his contribution on the philosophical debate of beauty with his presentation “Beautiful Noise.” Walter called into question two questions: what is noise and what is the definition of beauty? He answered this with various sources of media, including famous artwork through the centuries along with sound art.

Walter displayed several clips of works by artists including Luigi Russolo, Edgard Varese, and Luc Ferrari. Walter was caught by the increased interest in sound throughout the age. The popularity of music and sound was growing. Walter stated, “not all sound art see themselves as music.” Sound art is capturing the beauty of what is real.

The second half of the presentation took an attempt at defining what beauty is. Walter defined beauty as, “a type of knowing.” Walter discussed “aesthetics” and how it is the study of beauty. Different theories of aesthetics include beauty as a whole, the idealization of what is “world” or world beauty, and what the meaning of beauty is.

With his limited time, Walter sketched a very rough picture of his position on beauty and the concepts it holds, but his conclusion was clear; beauty is world. Everything in the world has its own beauty to it and it is captured in everything we do, because in order to create beauty, we must enhance what we see. “Beauty is the image of freedom,” stated Mark Walter in his closing argument.