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AU Fall Weekend

October 20-22, majority of students and staff at Aurora University will be enjoying a nice long weekend. This weekend is a great time to prepare the second half of the fall semester.. For seniors, it is one quarter closer to graduation.

Fall weekend is enjoyed by students and faculty at Aurora University. This short break gives students the opportunity to work ahead, or catch up, on class work. Students are not the only ones to benefit from this, it also Senior  Alex Oudin, states “I am excited to have some time off from school to refresh my mind and prepare to finishing strong”

With midterms this week, students feel stressed out and also look forward to having time to relax and de-stress.

“It will be a nice long weekend to relax, watch some Netflix, and sleep in. Plus, I won’t have to worry about stressing over midterms” said Michael Scott, Senior at AU.

Fall weekend, is a weekend most students and staff look forward to. It gives faculty some breathing room to grade midterms.

We must remember the University is not empty during fall break. There is dedicated staff constantly working. We must appreciate the cleaning staff, grounds crew, and anyone on campus working to make AU a great institution.