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Homecoming at Vago Field

Homecoming weekend was in full swing as the Spartans defended their territory against ALMA University in football. The muggy day did not affect the spirit of many people who came out to cheer for the Spartans this past Saturday. Although the weather put a damper on things, our Spartans played through the soggy terrain on Vago Field.

Before the game, the Spartans set up food and beverages for spectators who came out for all of the festivities. The facility team at Aurora University planned accordingly for the inclement weather and hosted a plethora of food in the Institute of Collaboration building. Lightning and downpours of rain seemed to never stop on Saturday, but that did not hinder the Spartans from playing for the homecoming crowd, “This is perfect football weather,” senior offensive linemen, Will Craig, exclaimed as AU was set to take the field after a 30-minute delay.

The delay allowed AU fans to take cover and watch the women’s volleyball team dominate their match against Rockford for their 12th win in a row on Lancaster Court; leading them to an impressive record of 19 wins and 5 loses on the season.

Once Mother Nature let up and AU took the field for the gridiron game, the Spartans found the end zone first with a Touchdown run by Zimbelman, G. ALMA football managed to stay in the game with a pair of touchdowns of their own in an action packed 2nd quarter, but the Spartans adjusted to the conditions and went into halftime with a 19-13 lead over ALMA with a touchdown off a 57-yard interception return by Fulton, B. and a 48-yard touchdown pass from Zimbelman, G to Mullen, S.

Unfortunately, the Spartans relinquished the lead in the 4th quarter and could not manage any more points, resulting in a 19-27 loss against ALMA University. This left the Spartans with a 3-3 record heading into their next match-up against Rockford University on October 21st at AU’s new Spartan Athletic Park.


Article by: Ryan Craig