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Aurora University Student and Artist Spotlight: Samantha Chase

Artist: Sam Chase

Written By: Lexy Moscinski

Dark, zany, and wildly talented, Aurora University Student Samantha Chase is a local artist that deserves the spotlight.

Chase, 20, is a Communication major, and has been doing art since “she was in the womb.” From horrific gore to clever cartoonizations, Sam’s art is filled with a variety of different themes, inspired by a mix of films (Silence of the Lamb, The Shining), game series (Dead Space, Legend of Zelda), music (Punk/Metal variants) and more. All of these themes are a collective sum of her creations, which often are depicted with a deliciously dark and horrific aesthetic, or as she labels it,‘Darkart’.

Much of Sam’s attraction to a darker style is rooted to her upbringing: Her family has built and operated their own haunted house for over 7 years, incorporating the element of horror into her life from a relatively young age. Of course, this dark influence rubbed off on her, causing her to fall in love with the horror aesthetic as she continued to be immersed in it year after year.

A combination of cultural mediums of film and games, coupled with her experienced in her personal life helped her develop into a ‘Darkartist’:

“I would describe my art as the overarching category of ‘Darkart’. If you look up the term darkart in google, you’ll see a similar theme that is present in my work too. Monsters, gore, and almost exclusively black line work with heavy texture,” stated Chase in our interview.
When Sam initially started illustrating, her art mirrored a lot more manga (Japanese style) elements in it until she eventually grew into her own style, and started creating art more seriously within the past four years. In the future, she hopes to learn more about being a tattoo artist, and how that may shape her career.

Although she has goals for the future, Sam has already done plenty of freelance work for local musicians, businesses, and more. She also has her own website, samchaseillustration.com, where she showcases her artwork that not only involves illustrations, but make-up design too.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Sam’s work, check out her website at samchaseillustration.com, or head on over to her Facebook page: Sam Chase Illustration (@SamChasegraphics). She also sells a variety of shirts and stickers of her designs as well, so if you’re interested, consider supporting her and her work!

If you’re into the deliciously dark and original, Samantha Chase is the artist to keep your eye on.