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No Shave November

Written By: Hali Sawyer


As the cold winds of winter blow, November is quickly coming to an end. While November may signify Thanksgiving and the arrival of the Christmas season for some, to others it signifies the growing of facial hair.

No-Shave November is underway and near an end, but it is not too late to participate.

No-Shave November, officially beginning in 2009, is one Chicago-area family’s tribute to their late father, Matthew Hill. Hill passed away from colon cancer in the fall of 2007, leaving behind eight children who did not want to let cancer take life from anyone else.

Hill’s children created the Matthew Hill Foundation, Inc. and officially began No-Shave November, which the family says is “a project that held special meaning to the eight Hill children”, as it commemorates their late father.

To participate you must follow this simple rule:

a person should not shave facial (or bodily) hair for the entire month of November and donate the money he/she would have spent on salon visits or shaving supplies, to the Matthew Hill Foundation.

So far, this tradition has been so successful that, according to their website, the Matthew Hill Foundation has raised over $2 million to date. While the Matthew Hill Foundation is the official donation-receiver of No-Shave November, they encourage participants to think outside of the box and donate to other cancer research organizations or create their own GoFundMe pages for the month-long event. This adds personal incentive or it can be a great way to commemorate a loved one who has passed away from cancer.

With the last few days of November quickly coming up, participation in No-Shave November is still greatly encouraged. The Hill family cannot complete its mission of ending the prevalence of cancer without donations, and they believe that “together, anything is possible, and we’ll get closer to eradicating cancer one whisker at a time”


To help the Matthew Hill Foundation, log on to no-shave.org to donate.