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It’s No Longer Sunny on Netflix.

Written By: Sean Ganey

Wearing a tear-soaked Paddy’s Pub t-shirt I break the news: Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, along with other FX and FXX shows are leaving Netflix and joining Hulu come December. This means Sunny, Archer, The League, Louie and possibly the biggest one among the culture writers at AU Spartan Media: American Horror Story will no longer be available on Netflix in the United States. (Source: https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/leaving-soon/fx-titles-leaving-netflix-2017-2018/)

Fans of these shows are left to seek out other options. As Fox struck a deal with Hulu to move their major titles to that streaming platform. I had to consult some peers for insight as to how to handle this development. “I feel indifferent because I am subscribed to both Hulu and Netflix, but it is sad to see it leave one platform” explained Nick Majka, a Spartan Media Culture team Multimedia Producer and fan of American Horror Story. He then expressed his fondness for Hulu as a streaming platform saying “I believe Hulu is becoming a more friendly option with its streaming capabilities.” Our editor at AU Spartan media, Tyler Siebert, had the stance of “I will switch for the sole reason of Its Always Sunny leaving… not cool.” Paige Robinson, our PR and Promotions manager, and fan of Always Sunny and American Horror Story, added the sentiment “True story, once I found out that Sunny was moving to Hulu, I renewed my subscription because what is life without Charlie Day?”

Complicating this is the recent news that Netflix is raising their prices on their HD packages to $10.99 compared to Hulu, which is $7.99 a month. This price difference may not last, with reports of Hulu costing parent companies 20th Century Fox, Comcast, Time-Warner, and especially Disney, an estimate of upwards of $100 million. (Source: https://www.cinemablend.com/television/1730000/why-disney-is-expecting-to-lose-a-lot-of-money-on-hulu-next-year) Admittedly this is speculation, but if Hulu keeps posting losses they will either have to narrow their selection or raise prices, time will tell. “I have subscriptions to both Netflix and Hulu so I’ll still be able to watch them. Netflix has always been my go-to though. Now that Netflix is raising prices, I don’t see much of a point in using them both, since they offer similar services” added Paige Robinson. The students with access to both platforms will have an easy transition, the ones on just Netflix not so much. Me personally, I’m not sure if my budget will allow for Hulu and Netflix but I’m too attached to the exclusive content on Netflix to drop it.

That is my thoughts on the matter, I’m off to binge Sunny on Netflix one last time and maybe start a free trial on Hulu.