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How to Survive Finals Week at Aurora University

Written By: Ashleigh Kerkman

Finals week at Aurora University is from December 13th to December 17th. Finals is only one week away, the week everyone on campus dreads. With that being said, it is a busy time for students and staff. Drinking excessive amounts of coffee and redbull, pulling all nighters to study, eating junk food and binge watching Netflix all night sounds like great ways to get through finals week, right? Here are some ways to get through finals week successfully.  


1. Get Sleep

On average a person should get at least 6-8 hours of sleep a night. There is no reason to not get the normal amount of sleep during finals week. Many students often stay up late and pull all nighters during finals week, but sleep is necessary. Being rested is important for concentration and focus. Fatigue brains tend to not retain or recall information. With enough rest, there is almost always a guarantee to pass the exams.


2. Listen to Music

Listening to music is good for many reasons, it helps relax and concentrate at the same time. Senior, General Studies Major, Samantha Tyk said, “I listen to all different kinds of music, though when I am stressed I prefer to blare it in my car. Finals is during December this semester, so currently I prefer Christmas music to ease my stress.” Download a playlist that creates relaxation and concentration. It could be rap, jazz, country or holiday music. Make sure the music is relaxing.


3.Eat Healthy Nutritious Foods

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating healthy foods will fuel the body with the energy needed to get through finals week. Some health food choices to consider are: bananas, apples, oranges, almonds, yogurt, eggs, popcorn, peanut butter, oatmeal and hummus. Rene Keener, a Marketing Major said, “Do not binge eat during finals. Make sure you are choosing to eat healthy meals and snacks. By doing this you are fueling your body with energy and overall will have better concentration.” Fueling the body with healthy foods will allow for more energy and an overall increase in feeling good.


4. Stay Hydrated

While lots and lots of caffeine sounds like a good idea, an increase in water intake is necessary. By drinking a lot of caffeine, dehydration occurs. Keener said, “While I do drink coffee during finals week, I also make sure that I am increasing my water intake. Drinking water makes me feel better.” Staying hydrated is important during finals.


5. Take Breaks

Taking breaks while studying is very important. It allows students to decompress and destress. Making sure students are in a healthy state of mind during finals is important. The university offers stress relief activities during finals week and those can be helpful.  Samantha Tyk said, “I’d recommend attending those events and activities on campus. Some previous activities have  included coloring, puppy therapy and massages. They can be effective even if they are done individually. People need to remember to take a moment for themselves and take a second to de-stress.”

For more information on activities or on how to destress contact the wellness center at wellness@aurora.edu


6. Prepare Ahead of Time

Do not procrastinate and wait till the last minute to start studying for a final. The earlier students start studying, the better the results. Not only will preparation be present, but there will be less stress. Some tips from Tyk are, “to go over notes taken from class, rewrite them and then re-read them until they are memorized. Same with a study guide. Find all of the answers, rewrite the whole study guide, and then recite it like a script until it is memorized.” Plan ahead and do not procrastinate.


AU Students and Staff you are almost there, one more week. By taking these six tips into consideration, finals will be a success.