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Lambda Pi Eta Induction Ceremony

Written By: Tori Johnson

On Monday December 4th, 2017 at 6:30pm, the student organization Lambda Pi Eta held their first induction ceremony of the school year, where seven Aurora University Communication students were officially inducted as members into the organization.
Lambda Pi Eta, also known as LPH, is a Communication Honor Society that represents the local chapters of the National Communication Association. The goal of the organization is to stimulate interest in the field of communication, promote and encourage professional development among communication majors, provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas in the field of communication, establish and maintain closer relationships between faculty and students, and explore options for graduate education in communication studies.

Inductee’s not only had to be active within the organization by attending meetings and events, but they also were required to maintain an honors level GPA within their major courses. I had the honor of not only attending the induction ceremony, but also aiding in the induction of the new seven members of the organization due to being the Vice President. It was a wonderful experience to celebrate the accomplishments of these students as well as reflect on my own growth within the organization, as I had been inducted into the organization myself last school year.

At the end of the ceremony I was able to reflect with Paige Robinson, whom is the president of Lambda Pi Eta, on why she had initially joined the organization and her feelings on this year’s group of new members and how she has witnessed the organizations development since her joining. Paige stated that during the fall semester of 2016 she had began going to monthly LPH meetings and participating in events. She became interested in joining for a few reasons; the first being that she really wanted to get more involved on campus, and because she was looking for ways to volunteer and give back to the community.

She realized that LPH was a way to achieve those two things, but she later discovered after joining that the organization offers a lot more than those two things, some being her ability to meet a lot of cool people and her membership being a boost to her resume. Although, this semester is her first as President of Aurora University’s chapter, she believes that this year’s inductees are great! She is excited about the induction and thrilled to see what great events we will host next semester and the impact we will be able to make on the community.