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AU shows inauguration of President Trump

By Breann Adams On Jan. 20, Aurora University students filled the seats in Crimi Auditorium to watch Donald Trump, the 45th  president of the United States, being sworn into office. At the university-sponsored viewing, students also got some of their questions answered by a discussion panel. The panel was made up of two Aurora University professors, the president of the ...

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Super Model of the United States

By: Jose Victoriano   As Donald Trump reigns as the 45th President of the United States, our country is on the verge of collapsing before our eyes. Days before the inauguration riots emerged across the country against Trump’s administration, cabinet selection, and Donald himself. The air was filled with hatred and unease similar to the protests post Election Day. Any ...

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Young voters missing from early voting


By Jaime Lopez Kristina Carr is voting in her second general election this November. She has researched both presidential candidates and the Illinois politicians up for reelection extensively. Carr, a junior business administration major at Aurora University, is part of an odd group of voters: early-young voters. She is defying a trend of declining early-young voters. The New York Times reported ...

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Students share thoughts on the presidential debate

This year’s presidential campaigns have both been interesting in their own ways. Since this election will be historic no matter who wins, the News Team sent Monique Talip, our multimedia producer, to get AU students’ thoughts on the most recent presidential debate. Talip spoke with students right after a live showing of the debate in the Crimi Auditorium. Make sure to go ...

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A Quick Recap of the Past Few Years…

It is important to shed some light on what has happened over the past four years.  Below you will find 10 facts regarding issues that we face today. All the facts listed are from 2008 onward. However, I strongly believe both political parties are to blame for the mess we are in. Both are responsible for the 15 trillion dollar debt. ...

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Things to Note Before You Vote

#1 – Verify your polling place location. Locations have changed since the last election. Politics & Elections, a new feature on Google, simplified this tedious process. Visit here, and insert your address to locate your polling place. #2 – Remember that more than one election is going on tomorrow. All the other names on the ballot are just as – if not more – important than presidential ones. ...

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Low Voter Turnout in Local Elections

Fifty- three percent of young voters, ages 18 to 29, participated in the past presidential election, according to the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) website. However both local and midterm elections continue to draw less participation among all voters- not just young ones.

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