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Cupcake truck visits AU campus

(2.23.17) News Team members Amanda Smith and Courtney Zanelli visited the cupcake truck that visited the Aurora University campus to learn about the bakery behind the treats and to hear what students thought of them.

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Affordable Valentine’s Day Restaurants Near Aurora University

By: Kandice Modene   For Valentine’s Day, many people want to go out to dinner, but they don’t go out for it because of the expensive check at the end of the night. What I have found is that restaurants within driving distance from Aurora University are places that won’t burn a hole in your pocket! I also made sure these restaurants were ...

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Wayne’s World Celebration in Downtown Aurora

“No way…Way” “Party on! 25 Years of Wayne’s World”   By: Paige Fisher   “We’re not worthy… we’re not worthy”; One of the many historic and memorable quotes Wayne’s World has given us. In honor of its 25th anniversary, Aurora, Illinois has planned a six-month celebration of the classic movie Wayne’s World which was set in the same town. There were ...

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AU students and faculty share winter break plans

With less than two weeks until the end of the semester, the AU Spartan Media News Team decided to find out what people have planned for winter break. Andrea Guzel, the digital editor for the News Team, asked Aurora University students and faculty what they are looking forward to over break.From sleeping to hosting parties, students and faculty are ready ...

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AU students react to fall

With fall officially here, the AU Spartan Media News Team decided to get some student intake about the changing weather. Multimedia News Producer, Monique Talip, asked students about how their wardrobes are changing and what their plans are now that it’s cooled down. Some students need time to adjust to the cooler weather, but it seems the majority of students ...

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Students share thoughts on the presidential debate

This year’s presidential campaigns have both been interesting in their own ways. Since this election will be historic no matter who wins, the News Team sent Monique Talip, our multimedia producer, to get AU students’ thoughts on the most recent presidential debate. Talip spoke with students right after a live showing of the debate in the Crimi Auditorium. Make sure to go ...

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