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Not sure who your representatives are? Click this map and find out!

State & Local Candidates

Not sure who your representatives is? Click this map to find out!

U.S. Representative- 14th District

Randy Hultgren (R) was elected in 2010 to represent the state’s 14th Congressional District. In Washington, Congressman Hultgren has committed himself to working for fiscal sanity, real healthcare reform, and pro-growth policies that will put Americans back to work. In the current 112th Congress, Randy serves on the Agriculture, Space, Science & Technology and Transportation & Infrastructure Committees.

Dennis Anderson (D)- Prior to his move to Illinois in 1996, Dennis Anderson worked for the Wisconsin Division of Health in Madison.  Dennis managed several programs during his time there including the Adult Health Program, the Rural Mammography Program, the Chronic Disease Program, and a program designed to investigate why certain types of cancers are more prevalent in certain populations. Aside from making a career out of helping others, Dennis Anderson has also spent his free time doing it.   Dennis has            served on several not-for-profit boards and volunteered his time for organizations dedicated to improving the lives of others

Illinois State Senator- 42nd District

Linda Holmes (D) has been an Aurora resident since 1983. She is the current Illinois State Senator for the 42nd district, a position she has held since November 7, 2006. She was elected to the Kane County Board, District 2 seat in 2005 (winning over a 24 year incumbent) and is active board member on the Administration Committee, Human Services Committee and assigned by the Chairman to serve on the Health Insurance Sub-Committee and Precinct Subcommittee.

Peter Hurtado (R) is running for state senate in the 42nd district of Illinois to promote economic growth and bring back fiscal responsibility in Springfield. He believes that for the past 11 years, the leadership in Illinois has amassed debt, created a structural deficit, and chased away jobs from our state. If elected in the 42nd district of Illinois, Hurtado promise to restore fiscal sanity to Springfield and encourage private investments in job creation.